Are Cain and Lincecum Leaving the Giants?

Last year was a great year for the San Francisco Giants. Players who had never shown that they were World Series caliber players suddenly were playing like super stars. Everything fell into place for the Giants and they became World Series champions. This year the Giants hitters have come back down to earth. They are playing to their career numbers or below and the team is averaging less than 3 runs per game. Their offense is last in the league and their pitchers aren’t getting much support. The Giants top two pitches, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum could each have 5 to 7 more wins if they were on another team.
Cain and Lincecum have to be frustrated but their lack of support whenever they take the mound. The Giants haven’t scored more than one run in eleven of Lincecum starts this year. Pitchers are judged by wins and losses when it comes to contract renewal time. Cain and Lincecum have to be thinking that the wins would be more plentiful and the grass would be greener on a stronger offensive team. It will be very hard for these two great pitchers to resign with the Giants unless major changes are made with the offense.
If Boston or the Yankees come calling in two years don’t be surprised if Cain and Lincecum jump at the opportunity to play on a team who score runs in bunches every year. Enjoy watching these guys while they are here because their time in San Francisco is coming to an end.

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