Contact Lenses, What a Chore!!

I recently decided that I was tired of putting reading glasses on about 150 times a day. I heard about a process where people would use contact lenses to create something called mono vision. This allows you to have one contact lense for reading and another contact lense for distance vision. I went to Kaiser and my eye doctor told me that I would be a candidate to do this. The optical department was very clean and the people were very friendly. The lady that helped me has been working at Kaiser for 23 years and she was very helpfull. She showed me how to put the contacts in and how to take them out. I purchased soft lenses that would eventually allow me to be able to keep them in for several days. Initially I could only wear them during the day. Well bedtime came around and it was now time to practice what I learned at the hospital. I now had to remove the contact lenses. I thought that I was doing everything right but an hour later the contacts were still in my eyes. I was told that my eyes could get scratched or infected if I left them in over night. Time to go back to the hospital to see if anyone there could help me to remove them. It was an interesting drive at night with only one eye that could see for distance. I did get there safely and managed to find two nice people in the emergency room to help me to get the contacts out of my eyes. As it turned out getting the contacts out was even a chore for the pros. They were very patient and made the task a very painless one but one that I won’t ever have to worry about again. After that experience I decided that reading glasses aren’t so bad after all.

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