Good Food, Good Price

My wife and I found a great place to eat and the price was very reasonable. We decided to check out the Sizzler in Santa Clara and we were very surprized. They have an extensive menu and they have a value menu for under $13 which includes an entree and a full salad bar. We both ordered an 8 oz steak that comes with baked potatoe or fries. I am off carbs right now so they gave me fresh veggies. Great! They also include fresh rolls with the meal but I could only enjoy the smell. The salad bar included three different kinds of lettuce as well as 10 to 15 varieties of chopped vegitables. Fresh fruit and two different kinds of soup were also available. If you have young kids they have a seperate food area with tacos and spagetti and meatballs. The iced tea was freshly brewed (I like that ) and the refills were flowing freely. Our steak meal with salad bar was $12.99 and this also included a desert bar that will knock your socks off. I would tell all of my friends that are near a Sizzler restuarant to go and check it out. For the price and the freshness you won’t be dissapointed

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