Schools on the Rise in Santa Clara

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People often ask why they are not able to send their children to Millikin School even though they live very close to the school.  Millikin is a very desirable school with high test scores.

Because of the schools popularity it has been a lottery school for many years. Millikin School has a current API score of 997. My wife and I were very fortunate when our children were younger and our daughter was picked in the lottery. That not only allowed our daughter into the school but it also allowed us to transfer our older son into Millikin as well.

Millikin is not the only school in Santa Clara with top scores. Laurelwood School has done a great job for several years and they have jumped their test scores to an API of 926. Great job Laurelwood! Another school that has now pushed into the 900 API category is Sutter School. We have many friends who had children at Sutter over the years and it is a terrific school. Sutter is known for its school spirit and for its frog jumping contest. Keep up the good work Sutter. Santa Clara school district may not rival Cupertino school district as a whole but thanks to Millikin, Laurelwood and Sutter the other schools in the ( SCUSD) district now have hope of getting to the next level very soon.

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