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I recently stumbled across a great place for kids of all ages. I was with my grand daughter looking at trains at the Santa Clara train station. It happened to be a Saturday and I was trying to keep her out of the house so grandma could rest. I noticed a sign that said model trains open today. We walked up a ramp an opened a heavy wooden door. We entered this large room where several people were standing behind a whole village of little trains and little buildings. My grand daughter was fascinated by all of the whistles and lights coming from the trains. The people behind the counters where the trains were set up were having a great time. The best thing about this whole set up is that this is all free. These people are volunteers who really love model trains and who like to share the experience with others. So some Saturday morning around 11am load the kids in the car and take a drive to the Santa Clara depot and your family will have a great time. If you don’t have kids but want to feel like a kid again then I suggest that you take a buddy or go by yourself. Have fun!! 

Here is a link to the information about the hours of operation

The Santa Clara train station building, which ...
The Santa Clara train station building, which houses a museum of historical railroad artifacts and model trains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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