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After 18 years of using reading glasses I finally decided that enough was enough. I was tired of losing my glasses or leaving them at home. I was tired of having glasses in about 10 different locations so that I would always have a pair available. I tried contacts and that didn’t work for me. I had a procedure done to reshape the lens in my eye in 2007 and that worked great. I was able to read without glasses for about 15 months and then my eyes reverted back to where I needed reading glasses again. I recently heard about a procedure that is used mainly for people with cataracts. This procedure involves replacing the lens in your eye with a new multifocal lens that is good for reading and good for distance. The lens is called a Restore lens
I don’t have cataracts but I spoke to a doctor in Mountain View,Ca. who has done over 10,000 of these procedures with the Restore lens. He told me that you don’t have to have cataracts to have the lens implanted and that you can do it as an elective surgery.
I decided that I would have the surgery done in one eye and then I would evaluate my vision at that point. Well it’s been about one month since my surgery and I can report that I am now reading at 20/20. The good thing is that I will never need reading glasses again and that I will never get cataracts in the eye with the new lens. Dr. Beers in Mountain View and his staff did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone who might be considering this type of eye surgery. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about my new Restore lens.


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