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I recently sold a home in Santa Clara that brought in 13 offers. We were only on the market for 7 days and the home was gone. It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people are now bringing cash to the table. The home in Santa Clara sold for way over asking and 5 of the 13 offers were for all cash. Definitely a Sellers market. I was wondering today as I prepared for another Open House if this buying frenzy was going to last. Today was going to be a test because interest rates had jumped and the stock market was down last week. I opened the doors early to the open house hoping for an early crowd. Things started out slowly with only a couple of groups in the first 60 minutes . Once one o’clock came so did the crowds. I had a constant flow of people from 1pm until 4pm. There were a total of 50 groups that came through the open house. I think that because Realty World syndicates to 800 real estate websites we were able to bring in the crowds. Now we will wait a couple of days to see if we get any offers on Tuesday. I met a lot of very nice people today. I hope that one will be able to buy this very clean home. Stay tuned!!

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