Great Tree Trimming Service

We feel that it is very important to let people know when we find a vendor that we really like. I was looking for a reliable and fairly priced company to trim some large trees at a property that we manage in San Jose. The neighbor recommended a company that he had used before called Felix Tree Service.  I contacted the owner Mauricio Felix and he met me right away. He gave me a price that I thought was very fair. Mauricio and his crew did everything in a very professional manner and they cleaned up after they were finished. I will not hesitate to use Felix Tree Service the next time I need work on trees. His phone number is 408-806-4474. You will be happy with the results

English: Street side trees shedding leaves in ...
English: Street side trees shedding leaves in North San Jose in winter time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Market Gone Wild

Bargin Bay Area Homes
Sellers Market

I recently sold a home in Santa Clara that brought in 13 offers. We were only on the market for 7 days and the home was gone. It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people are now bringing cash to the table. The home in Santa Clara sold for way over asking and 5 of the 13 offers were for all cash. Definitely a Sellers market. I was wondering today as I prepared for another Open House if this buying frenzy was going to last. Today was going to be a test because interest rates had jumped and the stock market was down last week. I opened the doors early to the open house hoping for an early crowd. Things started out slowly with only a couple of groups in the first 60 minutes . Once one o’clock came so did the crowds. I had a constant flow of people from 1pm until 4pm. There were a total of 50 groups that came through the open house. I think that because Realty World syndicates to 800 real estate websites we were able to bring in the crowds. Now we will wait a couple of days to see if we get any offers on Tuesday. I met a lot of very nice people today. I hope that one will be able to buy this very clean home. Stay tuned!!

If I Knew Then What I Know Now.

When I first moved to California in 1973 I was only 19 years old and could care less about real estate. I had a chance to purchase a very nice duplex in 1975 for $39,000 but decided to pass on the deal. Today that duplex would sell for $725,000. I had a chance in 1979 to purchase a Victorian home with a cottage in the backyard  for $86,000. I passed on that property and it is now worth $800,000. Don’t get me wrong because I have been very blessed in business and in real estate. I do think that we can all look back in our lives and tell a story about what could have been. The bottom line is this. Don’t look back on what could have been because there is no going back in life. Instead look forward to what will be because that $400,000 property that you buy today will probably be worth $4,000,000.00 ten years from now.

English: Emlen Physick Estate, Cape May, New J...
English: Emlen Physick Estate, Cape May, New Jersey, USA (exterior). Built 1879. Architect: Frank Furness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Why are real estate prices going up?

Investors continue to drive up the price of real estate in the Bay Area. Most of the residential home sales in Northern California in the last 12 months have been purchased by non owner occupied investors. Investors are taking advantage of the rise in rental prices in this area. Most investors have moved away from the stock and bond markets and are getting a very solid return from Bay Area rental properties. If you want to start investing then here are a couple of tips for you. Make sure that you choose properties in good school districts and in safe neighborhoods. People also want to live near the action. Purchasing homes near a downtown area in smaller cities is also very desirable these days. Good luck and happy investing.

San Francisco Bay Area highlighted in red on a...
San Francisco Bay Area highlighted in red on a map of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Seeing Is Believing

Reading glasses
Reading glasses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








After 18 years of using reading glasses I finally decided that enough was enough. I was tired of losing my glasses or leaving them at home. I was tired of having glasses in about 10 different locations so that I would always have a pair available. I tried contacts and that didn’t work for me. I had a procedure done to reshape the lens in my eye in 2007 and that worked great. I was able to read without glasses for about 15 months and then my eyes reverted back to where I needed reading glasses again. I recently heard about a procedure that is used mainly for people with cataracts. This procedure involves replacing the lens in your eye with a new multifocal lens that is good for reading and good for distance. The lens is called a Restore lens
I don’t have cataracts but I spoke to a doctor in Mountain View,Ca. who has done over 10,000 of these procedures with the Restore lens. He told me that you don’t have to have cataracts to have the lens implanted and that you can do it as an elective surgery.
I decided that I would have the surgery done in one eye and then I would evaluate my vision at that point. Well it’s been about one month since my surgery and I can report that I am now reading at 20/20. The good thing is that I will never need reading glasses again and that I will never get cataracts in the eye with the new lens. Dr. Beers in Mountain View and his staff did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone who might be considering this type of eye surgery. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about my new Restore lens.


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For kids of all ages

I recently stumbled across a great place for kids of all ages. I was with my grand daughter looking at trains at the Santa Clara train station. It happened to be a Saturday and I was trying to keep her out of the house so grandma could rest. I noticed a sign that said model trains open today. We walked up a ramp an opened a heavy wooden door. We entered this large room where several people were standing behind a whole village of little trains and little buildings. My grand daughter was fascinated by all of the whistles and lights coming from the trains. The people behind the counters where the trains were set up were having a great time. The best thing about this whole set up is that this is all free. These people are volunteers who really love model trains and who like to share the experience with others. So some Saturday morning around 11am load the kids in the car and take a drive to the Santa Clara depot and your family will have a great time. If you don’t have kids but want to feel like a kid again then I suggest that you take a buddy or go by yourself. Have fun!! 

Here is a link to the information about the hours of operation

The Santa Clara train station building, which ...
The Santa Clara train station building, which houses a museum of historical railroad artifacts and model trains. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Realtors or Car Salesmen

We have been in business since 1995. Our business has been built on Trust and Consistency. Repeat business and referrals are the heart of our business. There are hundreds of real estate agents who are very ethical and strive to put the customer first. I was really disappointed when I recently read in California Real Estate magazine that 886 real estate agents lost their licenses for fraud between 2009 and 2010. It seems like Short Sales have been the biggest problem for these agents who choose to represent buyers who find third party buyers before escrow even closes on the first deal. This is technically not illegal but it is highly unethical. The Department of real estate also has another 5,400 open investigations involving short sale scams. Please be careful if you decide to short sell your home. Make sure that you go with a company that has a proven track record of putting the client first.

House for sale - one of many in the district
House for sale - one of many in the district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Historic Homes site

I was looking for some examples of Historic Homes for a project that I am involved in. I came across a website  that you might want to check out if you like historic properties.

Albert Harris and Captain Frederick Lass house...
Albert Harris and Captain Frederick Lass house. Santa Clara, California, USA More details about subject (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This site not only covers our local area but it takes in properties from throughout the USA. I am sure that you will get lost in this site if you enjoy reading about historic properties. Enjoy!

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Schools on the Rise in Santa Clara

Books on legal writing at the law library of t...

People often ask why they are not able to send their children to Millikin School even though they live very close to the school.  Millikin is a very desirable school with high test scores.

Because of the schools popularity it has been a lottery school for many years. Millikin School has a current API score of 997. My wife and I were very fortunate when our children were younger and our daughter was picked in the lottery. That not only allowed our daughter into the school but it also allowed us to transfer our older son into Millikin as well.

Millikin is not the only school in Santa Clara with top scores. Laurelwood School has done a great job for several years and they have jumped their test scores to an API of 926. Great job Laurelwood! Another school that has now pushed into the 900 API category is Sutter School. We have many friends who had children at Sutter over the years and it is a terrific school. Sutter is known for its school spirit and for its frog jumping contest. Keep up the good work Sutter. Santa Clara school district may not rival Cupertino school district as a whole but thanks to Millikin, Laurelwood and Sutter the other schools in the ( SCUSD) district now have hope of getting to the next level very soon.

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